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So you have a great idea!

We call that conception!  Your idea is brilliant.  It will work and it’s valuable.  But how do I build on this idea?

Who do you want to be?

We call that perception. What do I want look like? What’s my culture? How do I want to be perceived?

Now let's build your idea!

We call that construction – Putting the pieces together is the most difficult part.  We are creating a masterpiece!

Time to tell the world!

We call that inception – It’s our job to get your idea into the minds of those that need to hear it.  Leo has nothing on us!

Be a household name!

We call that affirmation – Not only do your clients know you exist but you are on the top of their mind.

In our world perception is everything.  What people see and hear defines their opinion of who you are.  Here at He Did, eH? we are experts at creating, changing and implementing perception.  From the conception of thought to the affirmation of the end user we can help you define who you are and create a brand that reflects your unique business.


The creation of an idea is what drives business.  Our goal is to help you mold that idea into a usable, exciting and profitable concept


Who am I?  What do I believe?  Why am I building this business? This is integral to the image you present.


Every idea needs to be built.  This is when we move it from idea to reality.  Now you have something to offer!


The world is a big place with lots of ideas.  We need to take your concept and embed them into the mind of your potential clients.


This is the utopia of business.  When the world perceives you as the best solution to their need.  You have won!

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