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Our Story

He did, eH? exists because I believe that there are many great ideas out there that never see the light of day because they fail to have a clear pathway into the minds of the public.

My goal is to find those great ideas, give them a plan, give them an image and then show them to the world.

I have founded a number of businesses over the years and have taken great pride in how they are perceived and adopted in the lives of people.  I want to help you make your dreams come true.

As for the name?  Well it’s a real cool palindrome that I liked and it pays homage to my Canadian heritage.  it just seemed to fit.


Rick Parks

Rick Parks

brand builder

I love to see the potential in everything.  When I walk into a room I view it for what it can be and not what it is.  When I meet a new client I am drawn to the potential for what the person or organization can bring to the world.  

My job is very simple – help people define what they can offer to the world, package it in a way that is appealing and memorable and then introduce that package to everyone I can.  

That is brand development and I am a brand builder.  It’s what I do!


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